spirit-guideGreetings, I have met several people in my practice who have asked me about getting  in contact with their spirit guides (sg) and/or power animals (pa). I keep thinking about holding a little talk in my Quarry Arts office in regard to this matter, because it’s important to know your spirit guides and power animals, especially if you thinking about or currently are working/walking in the world of spirit. It’s a big place and it’s good to have your team that knows the terrain much better than you, included in this team can be anywhere from 1-2 sg/pa up to hundreds…don’t worry, you probably won’t encounter and work with 100 spirit guides if you’re new to shamanic practice. I personally have about 6-10, but I think even as I write this I will probably be meeting more soon to help me as I begin to instruct about spirit work.

A few notes for you about meeting your “peeps” (that’s what I call my group of spirit guides/power animals).

1. If they are truly on your team, there is nothing to fear, quite the contrary – they are here to help in ways that you can’t even imagine.

2. If you are currently talking with them, but the answers you’re getting aren’t as clear as you’d like, maybe your questions are not as succinct as they could be. Simply put, if your question is vague, the answer will carry the same energy, thus it will be vague, If your question is clear with specific details, your answer will be the same. – ex: I’d like to know a better way to meet people that are empathic (vague) vs. “I’d like to know exactly where I can go in my town to meet people that are empathic like me and are looking to meet me, because I am empathic, too.  (more specific)

3. If you hear voices others don’t, see things others don’t, understand things that it seems you couldn’t possibly, don’t worry – it’s real and you’re not alone.

4. Be respectful, you’re looking to create a relationship, if you’re careless with your questions or demanding, these energies do not go over well with spirit and will probably result in zero or unintelligible responses.

Okay, I know that those of you who have already spoken to me will sign up. Remember it’s first come first serve, so sign up right away. There are only 10 slots, the talk is free. Donations are optional.  I don’t know how long it will take to fill up the slots, but don’t hesitate because I have a feeling this will fill up quickly.

thank you ever so much – Miguel

p.s. I will get back to you in the next few days about the EXACT date/time.

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